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Welcome to the SAANVI CLINIC

Get the perfect body shape with the help of our certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Onkar Dev is the consultant plastic surgeons in Patna. Не is a consultant, cosmetic, Reconstructive, and Burn, Maxillo facial, and plastic surgeon. Dr Onkar has over 12 yrs of experience in Transforming lives of patients of disfigured body (fax Parts due to various causes like Burn, Trauma, Congenital anomalies. He Post graduated (MS) Aft MBBS degree from P.M.C.H. PATNA. Later he completed his MCH plastic surgery degree in 2009 in same college. After achieving vast experience in Cosmetic & reconstructive (Microsurgery) for Trauma, Burn, and congenital anomalies he went to Various hospitals - Apollo hospital New Delhi, Safdarjang Hospital New and Aman deep hospital, Amritsar. He is also known as the Best Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon in Patna. .

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